I’m Jeffery, a childhood abuse survivor with DID*.  We grew up in a violent army family devoid of love and affection.  We are from everywhere and nowhere; having moved a LOT as a young kid. I have many “people” inside.  They were created by a broken young mind in a creative attempt to survive; now I live forever with that.


This section of our blog is a collection of stories from our childhood and teen days.  PLEASE! – Be careful.  These stories will and may contain ‘TRIGGERS’ for certain folks.  These are from our pasts, written for another site.  For those who want to read these types of tales – well, here they are.  In many ways they are unimportant, though they made us who and what we are.  Only the effects are important.  We are still dealing with the effects – and finally having success, doing it on our own.   Why you read this is unimportant; the fact that you are here is.  It shows at least interest, if not concern.  I know some will come just for the viseral thrill.  If so, then so be it.  It takes all kinds.  I should know.