Need we say more?  This is what – and who – it says.  Done back in 1995 or so with a regular school pencil on a piece of Xerox (copy) paper . . . then scanned in about ’98 or so . . .

Below is “The Dragon” (aka “Our Beast”) patrolling his own “World” (our underworld) . . . at this time I think he was hunting Mikie – trying to kill him or hurt him some more.

It was done by taking the above scanned image and ‘colorizing’ it using Corel Photopaint along with some fractals (KPT).

Please feel free to copy and use these images – HOWEVER, DO so “not-for-profit” – AND give credit (a link will do) where credit belongs: to our teenager self and/or this ‘web site’ . . . Thank you.